• Reviewed by: d.vanatta  on: 2014-01-13T16:28:48
    Ordered "bourbon" chicken and got "pepper" chicken. When we called, they argued with us about what we ordered, so much for the concept of customer service. Sweet and sour sauce was watery and bland. Egg rolls were terrible, soggy and tasteless. Last visit was great, but this one will probably keep me from ever returning!
    Re: i am very sorry for experience we try and make everyones experience here a great one ... please call and talk to jeff and explain the situation he will do his best to make things right and give you a great dining experience  (2014-02-22T14:49:38)
  • Reviewed by: starling.m  on: 2013-12-08T18:25:03
    There was an error with my Internet order which resulted in it taking 2 hours for us to receive our food de
    Re: sorry to hear you had a bad experience we would be happy to rectify it for you as for the delivery time we quote a time over the phone and distance does not make you a priority we go by ticket times Friday nights generally run a little longer .. call josh at the desk and hell take care of the egg rolls and give you a discount  (2017-03-20T18:54:14)
  • Reviewed by: Tjprentiss  on: 2013-12-05T16:19:29
    I LOVE your online ordering! However, getting to this website is difficult. I somehow get routed to Also, descriptions of the dished would be helpful - and also descriptions of the dishes featured in your photo gallery. At least the name of the dish!
    Re: thank you for your feedback .. I would suggest downloading the chinesemenu app to your phone for easy ordering  (2014-02-22T14:43:43)
  • Reviewed by:   on: 12/10/2013 3:50:49 AM
    The food is solid and we love having another option with delivery instead of pizza. The new online ordering system is so convenient...with a million options for customizing.
    Re: next time you order request a menu we would love to put a description on every item but there just isn't enough space  (2017-03-20T18:55:15)
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