• Reviewed by: annsmithville  on: 2016-07-30T18:11:23.590-07:00
    45 min for delivery to a hotel 1.1 miles away is INSANE!! Egg rolls are missing and um hello? Your d
  • Reviewed by: Jolokia82  on: 2016-07-22T10:55:32.440-07:00
    You should really put on the menu online whats all in the food. I dont even know what all im orderin
  • Reviewed by: becchieda  on: 2016-07-18T15:51:41.945-07:00
    When you screw up an order the correct thing to do is fix it then and there. Dont describe the rice
  • Reviewed by: sandy44657  on: 2016-06-14T11:26:24
    Are the egg rolls on your appetizer menu the same size as the ones you get with a dinner?Thanks
  • Reviewed by: wickettp  on: 2016-05-28T17:40:56
    Save your money and order someplace else . Called to notify of items missing from order and was told it would be delivered right away. much later called and was told the next order would be discounted. Don't know what I'm supposed to eat in the mean time.
  • Reviewed by: Pipherj1992  on: 2016-05-10T16:49:29
    3 days ago I order Chinese from the highest rated place around. It shows up in the bottom of a white grocery bag with melted brown paper bag in it. Hot n spicy chicken all over everything. Call down to new style and had a conversation about this happening. He says well sorry, blaza blaza, we'll credit you back. Call today and no go. No credit on the account sir, can't just give one out. Now I'm left with this, dumbfounded, feeling of disappointment and anger. I mean really?
  • Reviewed by: Mallmommy1  on: 2015-12-04T15:21:43
    My husband and I LOVE new style. The kids love it too. When my in laws come from Florida we order New Style every time. Delicious and consistent. Also very friendly. Thank you to whomever the owners are!! We've suggested this place to many other families, and will continue to do so. In fact, I have never written a review before. That's how much I like this Chinese food!
  • Reviewed by: bhavesh  on: 2015-11-27T22:10:42
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  • Reviewed by: anoop25  on: 2015-09-28T22:34:21.786-07:00
    ooo nice
  • Reviewed by: pthombs  on: 2015-05-25T17:09:09
    Apparently you're not open on Memorial Day so you can cancel my order.
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